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Yesterday, I was able to get my hands on an iPad and try it out for a few minutes.  Here are my impressions.  And sorry Russell, no sarcasm in this post.

It’s fantastic for surfing the web with.  Pages render quickly and most everything shows (screw you Flash!).  Add the touchscreen interface and you have one heck of a web browsing device.

On the other hand, typing on the iPad isn’t as easy as I would have hoped.  While the keyboard is large, the touchscreen forces you to hold your hand in the air as you type, and it almost feels like you’re hunting and pecking.  It’s also very easy to double-tap a key.  As a result, as much as I like the idea, I would avoid using iWork or typing anything longer than a few sentences on the iPad if possible.  Or, you can get the keyboard accessory.

I didn’t work as much with apps, but they load quickly.  The color screen displays images nicely.  No word on the gaming performance, however; I didn’t try that out.

Overall, I would say that for what the iPad does, it is excellent at it.  It is primarily meant for those who browse the web and check social networking often.  Why is it better than a netbook?  Well, you don’t need an entire netbook just for social networking.  That’s a lot of wasted computing power.  Also, netbooks take a lot more time to boot up than the iPad.  Don’t forget the touchscreen interface.  I was surprised at the lack of a camera, however.  Think of how great the iPad would be for video chatting.

Verdict: The iPad is a great product, but if you can I would wait for a newer version to work out the kinks.  I really think Apple has a great idea going here though.  Yes, it does look like a giant iPod touch, but that’s the point.  Anyone who has ever used an iPod touch or iPhone will intuitively know how to use this.  Any criticisms to that regard will fall away the moment you pick one up and start using it.  At least for me, I realized that this can really be useful in replacing a laptop in certain situations.


For most people, Twitter is used for the following: what I’m doing now, what I’ll be doing in two hours, what I’ll be doing tonight, what I’ll be doing tomorrow, and how much crap my dog just f****** deposited on my brand new carpet!  Well, now you can add another equally annoying entry to that list.  This kettle – oh, I’m sorry, did I say kettle?  I meant Twettle. Anyways, if by some misfortune this concept becomes a reality, your kettle will now tweet when your water is boiling… so you don’t forget, I guess.

OK, I have two problems with this.  One, who goes on TWITTER while they’re waiting for their water to boil?  I understand social networking is taking over every aspect of our lives, but that’s just taking it too far.  I’ll just stand here and wait until the water starts bubbling, thank you very much.  Two, do you understand how creepy that is?  Assuming a twitter name of johndoe (sorry @johndoe), imagine the following.

@johndoe Your water is boiling.  Come and pour before it gets cold!  12:42 pm
@johndoe Hey making some yummy green tea I got at Jewel, can’t wait.  12:40 pm

And of course, that comment just beckons for ridicule.

@wwrtcac @johndoe Thanks for letting me know your water’s boiling.  Anything else you need to tell me?

Really, I’m sure johndoe’s followers don’t need to know my water is boiling. Come to think of it, he probably shouldn’t tweet about drinking green tea either.  Just like Adam Young shouldn’t make a song about a visit to the dental office.

tl;dr I hope the Twettle isn’t real.

Source: The UberReview

… or twtwatw for short.  Easy enough to remember.

Anyways, welcome to twtwa…  our blog!  I won’t say too much because the About page tells all, but this blog will be a tech blog.  The difference?  It won’t be confined strictly to electronics, as the first part of our blog name says.  We’ll also talk about the weird side of the tech world.  Enjoy, because this blog is the one thing you can get addicted to without any adverse effects.

A link provided to if you need it.

No, really. It’s called the Ultimate Gaming Chair.

And it’s for gaming. Apparently. With a name like “Ultimate Gaming Chair”, one can never really be sure.

But on a (slightly) more serious note, the Ultimate Gaming Chair looks like the ultimate gaming chair. It has 12 different vibration motors connected to a gaming console to synchronize with the action going on onscreen. It also is compatible with every controller known to man. Even better, it can hook up to every console of this generation or the last one, including: the PlayStation 2, Mac, or original Xbox. And other stuff, too!

It looks pretty comfortable, and it will give you a nice massage, too. Plus it has stereo sound all around the chair.

Does it look like too good a deal to believe? It is, because it will only set you back about FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. But that is nothing to a true gamer.

Source: This awsm site (Coolest Gadgets).

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